Open training on automation of QMS and Culture, Attitude and Change management

In cognizance to the key role that Quality Management system (QMS) plays in an organization, we have organized training on automation of QMS based ISO 9001:2008. An optimal quality management system is the foundation for long-term regulatory compliance and enduring market success. Without a solid quality infrastructure, your organization is not prepared to face the challenges of ensuring continuous regulatory compliance

There being an association between organizational culture and the affective, cognitive, and behavioral tendency of attitudes toward organizational change and considering that different types of organizational culture have different levels of acceptance of attitudes toward organizational change. Further, the risk of failure is greater as people are generally resistant to changes. In an endeavor to manage the changes brought about by QMS implementation, we have organized a parallel training on Culture, attitude and change management and its effect to the implementation of effective and efficient QMS. The workshops are planned to take place from 18th-21st November 2014 at the water -buck Hotel - Nakuru.

Participants to the automation of QMS need to have background training on the Quality management system (ISO 9001) to at least Implementers' level. The charges per participant, per course shall be as follows:

  1. Residential: KShs 75,000 inclusive of VAT and Full Board
  2. Non Residential: KShs 40,000 inclusive of VAT, Lunch and refreshments
We look forward to your participation.

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