I warmly welcome you to our website. We value you and it is my sincere hope that your experience on this site will be fulfilling. Dual Dimension Consulting Limited (DDCL) is a leading Management Training and Consultancy Firm in the East Africa Region offering management solutions that make a difference to our clients in achieving their mandate. We specialize in providing Research, Training, Consultancy and Systems Audits in accordance with various International and National Standards. Specifically our services include;

  • Management System Automation;
  • Market, Institutional and Social Research
  • Formulation of corporate strategy
  • Training on management Systems (QMS ISMS EMS FSMS OH&SMS LT&C)
  • Consultancy on management Systems (QMS ISMS EMS FSMS OH&SMS LT&C)
  • Tailor - made courses addressing organization specific needs
I invite you to learn more about us and our services in the About Us and Our Services section of the Website. Feel free to talk drop us a feedback in regards to this site, any of our services or our staff

Vision Statement

To be the Ace in the promotion of Management Solutions.

Mission Statement

To provide value-driven training and consultancy services to our clients.

Core Values

DDCL is bound by high ethical standards in its service delivery. These standards are defined in our corporate value system and require us to maintain high level of professional ethics, discipline and excellence in service provision.

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Efficiency
  5. Innovation

Quality Policy

Our Philosophy

We believe good relationships with our clients are our top priority as a pre-requisite to success

At DDCL we believe that independence, objectivity, full disclosure of material factors affecting findings and conclusions and up holding confidentiality of data and information provided is the key success factor for every assignment we undertake.

We believe in recruiting and retaining sound, professional and support staff, providing training and opportunities for growth in a stimulating and enabling environment.

Our Commitment

Every practice within the DDCL is subject to review and quality assurance.

We are committed to promoting high standards of discipline, excellence and ethics through adherence to the firm's quality standards and value charter and the laws of the country and the profession.

Our consultants are dedicated to devising and implementing innovative, client-based solutions that lead to better utilization of resources and improvement of performance and delivery.